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If you happen to live in the Atlanta area and you are interested in attending school there, you can use a service like this one that will help you locate a somewhat affordable college or school that has the degree program you are looking for.

Working in a restaurant isn't for everyone. So let's look at a few other career options.

Nursing is a career field where employers are constantly looking for new nurse candidates. And if you happen to have some good work experience, your chances of landing the position you want are greatly improved. Nursing classes quickly eliminate the students that aren't cut out to work as a nurse early on in the first few courses. So if you aren't able to do the job, you'll find out quickly.

Working as a nurse isn't easy. The hours can be long. The work shifts are often nights and weekends and holidays. But as you get experience and seniority, you will be able to pick and choose your hours and the type of work you do. You can click here to see nursing education options.

A lot of people end up teaching. Being a teacher can be tough and frustrating, but it can also be rewarding in that you know that the work you do can affect your students' life in a positive way. The big decision with teaching is finding out which age group you are best suited to. Learn more about becoming a teacher.

And you can always enroll at a business school. Earning a business degree isn't a fool-proof way to a great career, but having a bachelor's or master's degree in business on your resume allows you to be considered for a wide variety of jobs. Consider a business school.

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